A Beauty And Her Beast

He raises his shoulders and puffs out his chest,
His paper thin patience you put to the test,
You asked for this, you pushed him, you’re always to blame,
A brand new excuse yet it plays out the same,
Bruises and scars that he pleads that you earned,
This time it’s different and from this one he learned,
Stories of traumas and a chemical crutch,
His soft spoken voice and his heart warming touch,
Pulling you under back into his hell,
Just give him one more chance and he swears he’ll get well.

I know i can fix him, she says to herself,
She’ll carry his burdens at the cost of her health,
She lies to her friends and pushes them away,
Gives herself only to him day after day,
Yet he latches on to every girl that he can,
If they give him attention he feels like more of a man,
But her love isn’t enough, what a waste of a girl,
Who’s heart is too pure for this cold cruel world,
Her story books promised her magic and wonder,
She laid herself bare, her secrets his to plunder.

Oh what a blunder.

In shadows she hides, alone with her fears,
Echoes of promises, drowned in her tears,
She whispers to the moon, feelings untold,
In the silence, her story, so bravely bold.
In shadows, she walks, in a world made of glass,
Each step that she takes, she prays will not be her last,
The promises broken, the lies he’s spun tight,
Yet she clings to the hope of a peaceful night,
“He’ll change,” she whispers, under the moon’s soft glow,
Forgetting the pain, the hits, the low blows,
A cycle of sorrow, leaving her twisted and bent,
But she falls for his smile, like it’s heaven-sent.

Tangled in webs of his sweet-talking lies,
She believes she’s the sun in his stormy skies,
But the cycle repeats, and the storms rage on,
Her light dims each time, until it’s almost gone,
Yet, she holds onto dreams, where love conquers all,
Ignoring the writing that’s there on the wall,
A future uncertain, a path so unclear,
Hoping for a day when she’ll no longer live in fear.

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